Year 6

Mrs Tania Findlay

Yr. 6 Class Teacher

I'm really looking forward to this year. I love being back in Year 6 and it's great to be back at St. Newlyn East after a couple of years away working at other schools within the trust.
Teaching is my passion and literacy is my favourite subject: I love reading. I even write book reviews for a national newspaper which means that I receive some fantastic books before they're released.

When I'm not at school-or reading-I am usually found on the beach with my dog and my family! I have a Dogue de Bordeaux called Betty who is always up to some kind of mischief and three children: Kelly, Roman & Saskia. Kelly has just graduated from university and Roman and Saskia are at secondary school-I am a super proud mum!

24th May 2019 *Important Information about PGL Camp*
In order to keep the cost of the residential at an affordable price, we booked over the weekend. In lieu of this, the children are not expected to attend school on Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th of June. However, school will still be open on those days for Yr. 6 should they wish to attend. 
We will be in school at the usual time on Friday-we're leaving at 9:30am-and we are aiming to return at the end of school on Monday. Children will need a packed lunch for Friday lunchtime.
As per the kit list, please ensure that your child has a named sleeping bag and pillow.
75th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings-6th June 2019
Yr.6 learned all about D-Day as part of their WWII and British Values learning. We read accounts of the brave soldiers who were there and explored what life was like during those months for the soldiers in France and beyond. We then created our own D-DAY medals to celebrate the men and women who so bravely fought for our freedom.
Citizen of the Week-7th June 2019
My citizen this week is Ashleigh. She's worked super hard on her learning, especially her writing! Well done for being resilient Ash!
Alpaca Visit-17th May 2019
As a treat for the end of SATs (and as an introduction to report writing) we had a visit from two alpacas: Little-Man & Fleur! We got to fuss them and then we learned about how they are looked after. Finally we raced them around some cones! Fleur was the winner!
We had a really enjoyable afternoon!
9 May 2019-Britain at War art.
How amazing are these silhouette pictures? Yr 6 have worked hard with different media to create a black outline on a contrasting colour-the effect is brilliant!
4th April 2019-Homework over Easter
I have spoken to Yr 6 this morning about homework over Easter. The children have worked so hard and they're tired. The first week, they are to do nothing but relax-read for pleasure, chill-out, hang-out with their friends and go outside and have fun!
Th second week, I would like them to do more of the same! However, they also need to include a minimum of 15 minutes on one of their revision books each day (work on the things they find tricky-not what they already know-they can do more if they'd like to.)
They need to pop the short date on each of their pages so we can see what they've covered. This is purely to keep their brain working and to ensure that they are ready when they get back after Easter. 
If any of them start to wobble about SATs, remind them that they're ready and they've nothing to worry about! Direct them to the laminated sheet I have given them. 
As always, thanks for all your support;I hope you all have a wonderful Easter.
Mrs. F.
Citizen of the Week-8 March 2019
Douglas is my citizen for two reasons! He works hard to listen to feedback and improve his learning the next time-fantastic! Mr Iliffe also nominated him because he had been working really well with the younger children in cricket club-problem solving where possible to ensure that everyone could enjoy the game. Lovely to hear that from another member of staff too-well done Douglas!
So many amazing costumes to celebrate WBD 2019. We wrote our own versions of Red Riding Hood, watched author master classes, designed book covers, read to our buddies in EYFS and then all the teachers went to read their favourite books with different classes: such an awesome day! 
Christianity through the arts-28th February 2019
Year 6 have been exploring how art, drama and music can be a form of expression in many faiths.
Today, they used Bible extracts to set to music. The creative process was extremely loud, but they composed and performed some amazing pieces.
The Last Wild Book Reviews-8/2/19
'Never in my life have I read a book which has hit me in the heart like this one has!' Lewis H.
I'm so proud of Yr. 6 and have felt so privileged to have shared this reading journey with them. It can be tricky finding a guided reading text which appeals to all readers, but I knew this one would! We started it to link with our topic on climate change, but we carried on into this half term too.
As a cohort, they are a compassionate bunch, they have very strong morals about right and wrong and are able to discuss their views and opinions whilst still respecting those of others. They were on the edge of their seat at times, howling with laughter at others and there were even tears. 
I think their reviews speak for themselves: I hope you enjoy reading them. 
Mrs. F.
Citizen of the Week 8/2/19-Oscar
Oscar's attitude to learning is amazing. He doesn't always find things easy but really perseveres in all subjects. He knows that spelling is something he needs to work on, and does his best to improve at all times. Great job Oscar!
30/1/19 Visit from Kresen Kernow-The Cornish Caretakers.
Yr 6.were very fortunate to take part in a workshop from Kresen Kernow about Cornwall and its famous sons and daughters. They were historians using the documents to discover more about famous Cornish people including Henry Trengrouse, John Couch Adams and Dolly Pentreath. Then Yrs.4,5 and 6 were treated to a performance where all of the above and many more were brought to life in a fantastic performance from Ed and Jenny-we all learned so much and had a fantastic time.
Citizen of the Week 25/1/19
Seth was my citizen this week because he works so hard in all his subjects. He's happy to take feedback and works hard to improve in all subjects-he knows handwriting is an issue and is doing his best to get better at forming his letters-he makes me laugh every day and is a huge asset to Yr. 6-well done Seth!
22/1/19-Year 6 Maths Club.
Year 6 have been working on their formal method of division in maths club and were working in pairs to work on their fluency! they really enjoyed working on long rolls of paper to solve their calculations! 
Citizen of the Week-18/1/19
Alex is my citizen this week for settling well into our class and school-he is also super helpful, incredibly easy going and great to have a discussion with! Well done Alex!
14/1/19-Geography: How are tigers distributed around the world?
Today we turned our focus to India and the most common sub-species: the Bengal Tiger.
We practised our map skills and identified the countries of Asia as well as identifying the position and significance of latitude, longitude, Equator and Prime Meridian. We discovered where tigers used to live and where they are now in the world.
11/1/19 Nieve-Citizen of the Week.
Nieve is my citizen today because of her really hard work in maths. She often finds maths challenging and it has been so amazing to see her confidence grow and her approach challenges with a really good mindset-well done Nieve! 
Spring 1-9th January 2019
Year 6 have already begun learning about their new topic:India. It is a geography based unit with the key question "What is India doing to save the Tiger?' Each lesson, we have an ancillary question to learn about which will eventually help us find out how they are protecting the Bengal Tiger in India. Today we were discovering how scientists classify the Bengal Tiger and researching more information about this majestic creature. Then we wrote non-chronological reports.
This will also be coupled with lots of learning about the country, its history and people.
We've also been listening to a variety of texts from India and we particularly enjoyed this wonderfully illustrated book by Divya Srinivasan and Neil Gaiman 'Cinnamon' which also features a tiger. 
December 3rd 2018-Science
We kicked off our learning about light today, by creating a human model to show how light enables us to see. We used yellow wool to symbolise a ray of light and had two members of the group act as a light source and an object.
Citizen of the Week-Daniel 
16th November
Well done to Daniel who has shown particular resilience in maths this week, it is wonderful to see his confidence grow in this area. Keep it up Daniel!
World War I Poetry- November 2018
To commemorate 100 years since the end of WWI, Yr.6 studied many poems and poets of the time, but primarily focused on 'Dulce et Decorum Est'. They worked on figurative language, discussed what the tone of their poems should be and whether 'Dulce et Decorum Est (how sweet and fitting it is to die for your country) was a reality for many of our soldiers.
What they have created is some stunning, emotional poems and I am incredibly proud of the mature way in which they approached their learning about an important time in our history. Lest we forget.
November 6th 'Sustainability Sussed' workshop at Eden.
We visited The Eden Project to discover where the food in our packed lunch comes from. We were surprised to discover that it actually travels a long way and we had a lot of discussion about whether that was good for our planet. We also learned a lot about Fair Trade products and were concerned that not all farmers got a fair price for the crops that they harvested.
We got to choose some products for a lunchbox and then explored the whole Eden site to discover which country the food originated from and what the implications of our choice were for both the planet and the world's farmers! It certainly gave us lots to think about!
We had a fabulous day and are looking forward to the rest of our topic on Climate Change as the term progresses.
Citizen of the Week 2/11/18
Paige is our citizen this week for being super resilient in all areas of her learning. Sometimes she finds some subjects challenging but she always perseveres and does her best-well done Paige!
October 12th 2018-Citizen of the Week
Rowan is our citizen this week, he always works hard and is an excellent role model for the other children in our school. Sadly, he is moving away today and we all wish him and his family all the very best for the future.
October 5th 2018
We have had some amazing Greek creative homework in this week! Ashleigh and her mum worked together to create this spectacular Greek temple-the attention to detail was awesome! Beau also designed and painted a Greek plate with a Trireme-an ancient Greek ship-we've had lots of brilliant word searches and Top Trump cards too! Fantastic!
October 5th 2018-Citizen of the Week
Charis is our citizen of the week this week for working so hard in all of her lessons and for being resilient when learning the formal method of multiplication-we're very proud of you Charis!
28th September 2018
Greek Art and Sculpture Lessons.
We had a lesson on portraits this week where we learned all about proportion.Then we drew our own Greek Gods using pastels or water colours. As well as that, we studied Greek sculpture and then worked hard to create our own using, not marble, but soap! 
"It was tricky using the knife to create the perfect angle of the face" Daniel.
"I found carving the soap satisfying although I didn't do too well with the facial features! I enjoyed it though!" Alice.
28th September 2018
Citizen of the Week
Max is this week's citizen for having a conscientious attitude towards all of his learning: he always works hard. Great job Max!
21st September-Citizen of the Week-Year 6
Lewis G. was my citizen of the week this week because he has been working hard in lessons even when he finds things challenging. He is always keen to answer questions as well as listening well to the thoughts and opinions of others-well done Lewis.
21st September 2018
Beau kindly offered to lend Mrs.F. a copy of this book as she hadn't read it! She was so impressed by his kindness and generosity, she contacted the author, Abi Elphinstone, who sent Beau a message by return. She was happy that he had enjoyed the series and explained that she was busy on her new set of books, 'The Unmapped Chronicles' she also added that she would send Beau an autographed bookmark nearer their release date: he was thrilled!
17th September 2018
Who Let the Gods Out-Maz Evans: Guided Reading
We have just started reading our class GR text for this half term, we are learning to answer questions and complete tasks using the VIPERS question stems and are already enjoying meeting the new characters.
14th of September 2018
A round robin of activities to extend our learning of Evolution and Inheritance. Yr 6 showed real resilience while completing these activities as some of the learning was challenging around this complex science topic.
September 7th 
This morning we democratically voted for our new House Captains. They are as follows:
Fishers:  Forchid and Isabel
Miners:   Pia and Douglas
Tinners:  Beau and Ashleigh
Farmers: Lottie and Lewis H.
Congratulations and well done to all who put themselves forward.
September 5th, 2018
We are blocking our Foundation Subjects with Mrs Findlay in the afternoons. This gives us the opportunity to really study each subject in depth. In Science, we will be learning about Evolution and Inheritance. We've already unpicked what Inheritance means, in the scientific sense, explored characteristics and discussed whether or not they can be advantageous or disadvantageous.  Next, we will be examining the work of prolific scientists who dedicated their lives to exploring the theory of Evolution.
Welcome back!
It's great to see everyone back for the new academic year-I hope you've all had a great summer.
Please can you ensure that children have a PE kit in school including trainers. Year 6 will also be swimming in the autumn term, more details for that to follow.
Our topic for this half term will be 'Ancient Greece'-we can't wait to get started!
We have been discussing the use of social media and now all know how old we have to be to access these different platforms. We also understand that this is for our own safety on-line.