Year 4

Mr Tom Hughes

Class Teacher


My name is Mr Hughes and I am the Year 4 class teacher at St Newlyn East. I am the PE and maths leader and love both of these roles!
In the past I worked at Trenance Learning Academy for 5 years where I had the opportunity to teach in both Year 1 and 2. Last year taught a Year 3/4 Class at Foxhole Learning Academy and gained many valuable learning experiences.
Outside of school I swim competitively and enjoy creating illustration and graphic design work.
It is a pleasure to be teaching at St Newlyn East and working with such great children and teachers!

Spring Term 1 2019 - The World in 2018 
W/B 14.1.19 
Citizen of the Week - Connor 
Year 4 have enjoyed planning a story about a boy stuck on a bus out of control this week. They have been able to use a varied range of vocabulary to describe the perils the bus faces on its journey to an unknown destination.. In maths, the children have been mastering the grid method to multiply 2 and 3 digit numbers by 1-digit numbers. Next week we will be looking at how to divide larger numbers using different strategies.
In the afternoons, we have been focusing on science and building electrical circuits. The children were amazed to find that a piece of foil paper and a sharpener could complete a circuit! 
W/B 7.1.19
Citizen of the Week - Heidi 
It has been a nice week back in Year 4 after the Christmas break! The children have dived straight into their Literacy unit of work focusing on a story set in Pakistan. We have been using the story to examine characters, look at the use of direct speech and act out scenes using role play.
In maths, our topic is multiplication and division. Year 4 have been excellent at multiplying 3 numbers together and investigating factor pairs.
The Year 4 topic this term is 'The World in 2018'. This will give the children the opportunity to look at how the world has changed over time and at how life is still very different in other countries compared to our own. We have started off this week by looking at technology and creating electrical circuits in science.
W/B 3.12.18 
Citizen of the Week - Megan 
It's been a very busy week in Year 4. The children have started to examine the key features of letters and to plan writing their own letters based on the importance of spending time with friends and family at Christmas.
In maths, the children have been deepening their understanding of multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100 by answering some challenging reasoning problems!
During the the afternoons the children have been researching what Christmas was like in the the Victorian times. They also created some excellent art work using different shades of blue to create a winter scene. 
W/B 19.11.18
Citizen of the Week - Poppy 
Year 4 have moved onto focusing on non fiction this week. They have been looking at adverts and information texts to establish the main features to use in their own writing. The children have had a go at writing their own articles trying to persuade people to buy a mobile phone which sounded very enticing! 
In guided reading we have begun to look at the information that can be understood from analysing different images. This week we looked at a refugee camp and discussed and recorded what it must be like to live there.
In maths, Year 4 have powered through their unit of learning on 'perimeter', applying their understanding to solving reasoning and real life example questions. 
For our topic the children have been learning how the water cycle works in preparation for an exciting experiment on Monday!. 
W/B 29.10.18
Citizen of the Week - Sam 
It has been great to be back at school this week! 
In Literacy, we have started a new block of learning for Literacy and Language. The children have read a story with a dilemma involving difficult decisions to be made. Year 4 gave been writing about the characters feelings and about reasons for their behaviour. I have been impressed with the language the children have been using in their writing to describe why the characters feel a particular way,
We have been using rounding to estimate answers in maths and the children have been able to accurately choose whether they need to round to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000 to get the most accurate estimate. The children then looked at using the inverse operation to check the actual answers. 
We have started swimming lessons this week and the children have been listen very carefully to improve their stroke technique! In Science, we began to look at how material can be categorised into solids and liquids. 
W/B 15.10.18 
Citizen of the Week - Daisy-Mae 
This week the children have been learning about the key parts of a story in preparation for writing their own. The children showed great comprehension skills when doing this. On Wednesday they started to their own story and I was impressed with the creative ideas the children came up with!
In maths, the children have been very successful at learning how to add 4-digit using vertical additions. Many of the children enjoyed the challenge of finding missing numbers in calculations. 
For our topic we looked at the layout of an orchestra and the instrument that makes up an orchestra. The children created some excellent diagrams show how an orchestra is laid out. We have also being comparing Rio de Janeiro to New York and thinking why and how the climate, landscape, and location of the cities are very different.
Please remember to send your child to school with a packed lunch on Monday 15th October for the Year 4 visit to the Tate in St Ives. 
W/B 1.10.18
Citizen of the Week - Barney 
The children have made some brilliants leaps forward with their learning this week! They have edited and written a final version of a newspaper report. I was impressed with the accurate sentence structures and the use of vocabulary used in their writing. We are now beginning to explore character and setting descriptions in preparation to write a story in the next few weeks. 
In maths, we have been moving on to addition this week. The children have been writing their own word problems for their peers to solve. Through doing this they have shown a greater depth of understanding - great work!
We have investigated sound insulation this week and looked at which materials absorbed sound the best. The children are becoming experts at conducting an investigation under 'fair test' conditions. Also, Year 4 have identified where famous artists and composers were born on a world map.
Please follow this link for more information about the Year 4 camp in April: 
W/B 24.9.18
Citizen of the Week - Jowan 

Year 4 have been focusing on non-fiction this week in Literacy. They have been looking at how newspaper reports are laid out and the type of language used in them. The child have written some very good reports using a brief given to them from a newspaper paper publisher. 
In maths we have been looking at negative numbers and number sequences. The children have been challenged with some tricky reasoning problems but have been able to use their newly acquired knowledge to overcome them!
In science the children investigated whether the could improve their hearing by listening through to a sound through a cone. The results were very interesting! The children had a brilliant time creating biographies on the laptops using their research from the previous week. 
Please follow this link for more information about the Year 4 camp in April next year:
WB 17.9.18 
Citizen of the Week - Elena 
I have been impressed with how the new Year 4 have settled into their new class and with their attitude toward their learning over the last 3 weeks. 
In Literacy, we have now completed our first unit of work on poetry. The children have shown an great understanding of different descriptive devices such as alliteration, similes and repetition and been able to creatively use them in their own writing successfully. 
In maths we have been working very hard. The children are developing a clear understanding of place value through partitioning, ordering rounding and comparing numbers. This week the children were able to estimate the position of numbers on number lines during an outdoor activity.

For our topic 'Melodies and Masterpieces' we have been learning about sound and how it travels. Last week Year 4 enjoyed creating their own telephones to establish that sound travels by vibration. On Wednesday the children demonstrated what fantastic researchers they are, discovering many interesting facts about famous composers and artists from the past. I look forward to next week when they will  use their research to create biographies using the laptops. 
Autumn Term 1 2018 - Melodies and masterpieces
W/B 9.7.18 
Citizen of the Week - Piran 
The children have been looking at key features of newspapers this week. Over the last few days, they have began to write their own newspaper articles using their understanding of the key features. 
In maths, we have been revisiting using coordinates to show the position of 2D shapes on a grid. We then looked at translating 2D shapes, which is quite tricky - but the children persevered with this and now are really enjoying translating shapes!   
A huge well done must go all of the Year children for their excellent assembly on Wednesday. Also a big thank you to the parents - it was a great turnout and good for the children to share what they have achieved this year. 
W/B 2.7.18
Citizen of the Week - Ollie 

The children have written fantastic stories to finish their block of learning on 'The Runaways'. They have been concentrating very hard to punctuate their writing and this had paid of as their stories clearly showed this.
Year 4 were very excited about maths day on Tuesday and enjoyed the opportunity to put see what their learning looks like in real life. They measured the sports day track, timed each other, worked out their speed and represented  their data by creating pictographs and line graphs! 
A huge well done must go to all of the Year 4 children for their sports day performances this week - I saw great sportsmanship but and children who wanted to do their best.
Please remember, it is the Year 4 class assembly on Wednesday 11th July, 2.30-3pm in the school hall. We look forward to telling you about  all the children's learning this year.

W/B 25.6.18

Citizen of the Week - Jack 

The children, have finished writing their stories in a historical setting this week. They really enjoyed the planning stage, for this block of work and have come up with some imaginative ideas! Also, I have been pleased with the children's use of grammar and punctuation - a big well done!

In maths, the children have been able to learn about the properties of triangles and quadrilaterals and test their partners on this!
In the afternoons, the children have been tuning up for sports day next Thursday and used the laptops to type their biographies of Christopher Columbus.

W/B 18.6.18
Citizen of the Week - Noah 

This week, the children have gone continued to learn about the story 'The Runaways'. They have have been exploring the characters in the story and starting to plan their own stories based on the events in 'The Runaways'. The children have been focusing on using lots if dialogue in their work and are becoming experts at using direct speech.
In maths, Year 4 have been looking at angles and finding examples around the school. They have been using protractors to identify whether an angle is obtuse, acute or a right angle.
For our topic, the children were enthusiastic to write biographies about Christopher Columbus after researching him last week. It is great to see Year 4 remembering to apply their Literacy skills in topic lessons! 
W/B 11.6.18
Citizen of the Week - Aiden 
In Literacy this week, Year 4 have been writing recounts about their visit to the Royal Cornwall Show last week. They created story maps which have helped them write very detailed recounts of their visite. This time I have been very impressed with how the children have been able to edit their work.
In maths we have been interpreting data charts and created a pictograph to represent the children who represented the school in all the different sports at the Primary Commonwealth Games.
For our topic work the children have been researching about Christopher Columbus' discoveries. Next week they will be using their research to create biographies. Well done to all of Year 4 for their participation in the  Primary Commonwealth Games. 
W/B 4.6.18
Citizen of the Week - TBC 
It has has been another jam packed week in Year 4 this week! In Literacy, the children have been learning about a story set in the Victorian times called 'The Runaways'.  The children have been drawn in by the story and making inferences about the characters. In maths they have been really working hard to convert durations of time into minutes and hours and consolidate their understanding for the position of the hour hand.
In science and art we have drawn large scale images of sea creatures which has certainly tested the children's eye for scale and proportion. Everyone had a brilliant time at the Royal Cornwall show and came back with many souvenirs from the array of stalls!  
W/B 21.5.18
Citizen of the Week - Ella 
Year 4 have had an excellent week to finish this half term off. In maths, we have been looking at converting time from analogue to digital time on both 12 hour and 24 hour clocks. The wrote recounts from an audio interview and were able to edit their work for correct use of punctuation. On Thursday and Friday they created explanation texts for 'how to be a rock star' and then presented these in front of their peers. 
In the afternoon, the children finished designing and building their windmills and testing them for the energy they created. Well done to the Year 4 children who represented the school in the triathlon team event at Tretherras School.
Have great half term everyone!
W/B 14.5.18
Citizen of the Week - Emily 
Year 4 have been enjoying their non-fiction unit of work this week. They have been planning and writing letters and writing recounts from audio interviews - the children's results work has been impressive!
In maths, we have been looking at have finished learning about money for the time being and moved on to converting different amounts of time. The children have been enjoying the challenge of all the word problems they have been solving this week!
In the afternoon, the children have been building windmills in preparation for testing next week and sketching close up observational drawings of living things. I was very impressed with the outcomes! 
W/B 7.5.18
 Citizen of the Week - Charlie 
Year 4 have written some great stories based on the story 'The Bogey Man and the Trolls Next Door'. I have seen a definite improvement in all of the children's use of punctuation and grammar for extended pieces of writing - very impressed!
Through using money, the children are really getting confident with using decimal numbers. Also, we have been using stop watches to measure reaction times and then using the skills we have learnt (over the past few weeks) to turn the times into mixed fractions, round the times and calculate the difference between reaction times.
In science we have looked at categorising living things into to groups by asking questions and creating diagrams. Our sustainability work continued this week following on from Camp Kernow, We are designing wind turbines and planning to measure the energy they create! 
W/B 30.4.18
Citizen of the Week - Kiefer 
We have an another fantastic week in Year 4. The children have continued to be enthused with their follow up learning from Camp Kernow. We have been investigating how the school is sustainable and looking how we can use the school's solar panels and wind turbine to generate more free energy!
I maths, the children have continued to learn to use decimal numbers which is now leading into using money. In Literacy, the children are beginning to write their own story based on the Bogey Man and the Trolls Next Door. I have been very impressed with how the children are using their imaginations to write fun and engaging stories! 
Some children from Year 4 were fortunate to experience a surf taster day at Tolacarne Beach and had a great time!
W/B 23.4.18
Citizen of the Week - Joshua 
Year 4 have following up their Camp Kernow experience with lessons on water treatment and living things.
I was impressed with how much the children remembered about how water is treated at the Camp through: solar energy, a huge borehole and filter. The children created some excellent diagrams to illustrate and explain the water treatment process. In science, the children have been establishing what makes something living and identified examples outside.
In maths, the children are becoming experts at using decimal numbers. Our focus this week has been comparing and ordering numbers with 2 decimal places.
In Literacy, we are looking at the story 'The Bogey Men and the Trolls Next Door. The children have enjoyed the strong imagery the story creates this week! 
W/B 16.4.18 
Citizen of the Week - Bryher 
Wow! What a week! Year 4 have had a great experience at Camp Kernow. They have participated FULLY in activities such as: archery, shelter building, foraging food, rock climbing and many more. All of the children have impressed me this week, with their positive attitudes and resilience toward the whole camping experience. On Tuesday it rained all day and there were high winds, however moral never dropped. Everyone should be proud of what they achieved in this camp. 
On Thursday, the children began to record a timeline of events from camp which will enable them to write accurate recounts. 
In maths we are looking at how we can make one with decimal numbers. 
The home learning is attached for this current half term.
W/B 26.3.18
Citizen of the Week - Emily 
The children have been consolidating their knowledge of everything they have been learning about in Year 4 this week. I have continued to be impressed with the children's mental arithmetic skills in maths and how, they are getting better all the time, at applying these skills to answer reasoning questions.  
We are coming to the end on our non-fiction unit of work where we've looked at different types of evidence. The children have written reports summarising the evidence they've looked at and what it proves!
We have focused on geography and history this week. In geography, we looked at how to use grid references and searched the school for physical and human features. In history, we borrowed a box from the Royal Cornwall Museum and examined Roman artefacts.
To finish the week off, we celebrated Sports Relief with a fun whole school year group activity called over and under! 
W/B 12.3.18 
Citizen of the Week - Lowenna 
This week, Year 4 have really enjoyed focusing on explanation texts and looking a different types of evidence. They have needed to become detectives and use their questioning skills to make conclusions about the evidence they have examined. The children have loved thinking in the mindset of a detective.
In maths, the children have been working with tenths and hundreths. They made the most of the good weather this week by getting outside and estimating the position of tenths and hundredths on number lines. 
For our topic work, the children have continued to expand their knowledge of Roman numerals and learnt why the Romans wanted to invade Britain! In geography, the children loved researching different mountains around the world using computers and atlases to find information. Well done to the Year 4 children who attended the football tournament at Treviglas and the swimming gala at Trevelgue this week. There were many great performances!
W/B 5.3.18
Citizen of the Week - Kai 
The Year 4s have continued impress with their hard work this week. They have been learning about decimals and mixed fractions. The children have impressed me with how quickly they can convert fractions into decimals and decimals into fractions.
We loved World Book Day and the costumes children came to school in were great! The children wrote about the character they came to school as in an imaginary setting.
In science we looked at food chains this week and the children had a go at creating their own food chains which was very interesting! 
W/B 26.2.18
Although this has been a short week, Year 4 have continued to impress. The children are really deepening their understanding of fractions and will be moving onto decimals next week. The are starting to write their own play script and looked at the story of Rumpelstiltskin in Literacy. They had the opportunity to learn some new tennis skills with Steve Askey - I was impressed with the throwing and catching skills the children demonstrated. 
There will be a an equipment list sent out for the Year 4 camp next week. 
W/B 19.2.18
Citizen of the Week - Noah 
This week has been the launch of our new class topic 'The Romans'. The home work sheet is attached and the children are very excited about discovering how Romans lived and the battles they had!
In science, we did a memorable experiment through recreating the digestive system. The children loved it! Ask them the what we used to represent the food and major organs.
In maths children are continuing use fractions and have been adding fractions together with the same and different denominators. 
In Literacy the children have been introduced to play scripts and and enjoyed finding out and writing about some interesting characters... 
Access some fantastic reading resources for your child on the Oxford Owl website:

Username: year4readers
Password: year4sne
W/B 5.2.18
Citizen of the week - Charlie 
This week we finished off our science block of work by investigating conductors and insulators. Year 4 were amazed to find that they could complete a circuit using the tip of a pencil and a drawing pin! 
In maths we have started to explore fractions in greater depth and focused on equivalent fractions. Once again, children have found that knowing their timetables really is useful in many areas of maths.
In Literacy we continued our persuasive writing unit of work and children had to create and pitch an advert - this was great fun!
On Thursday afternoon, the children were inspired by the artwork of Banksy. They produced some excellent mixed media pieces in the style of Banksy's work. It was great to hear that some children spent Thursday evening at home creating more work in this style!
TT Rockstar passwords have been sent home again today. Have a great half term!
W/B 29.1.18
Citizen of the Week - Aaron 
This week Year 4 have come to the end of their multiplication and division block of learning in maths. The children have impressed me with the range of both multiplication and division strategies they now have! They have been doing very well at unpicking word and reasoning problems and choosing a strategy to solve the calculation!
The children have made the most of gymnastic apparatus this week demonstrating some great skills.
Could I remind parents that the Year 4 camp reply slip is due on 9th February. Thank you. 
W/B 22.1.18 
Citizen of the Week - Bethan 
The children have continued  to learn about electricity and experiment with constructing different electrical circuits. The children used circuit diagrams to build the circuits, but first of all had to make a prediction as to whether the circuit would actually work. I was very impressed with the scientific vocabulary the children used when recording their predictions! 
At the beginning of the week, the children had tri-golf lessons from Newquay Golf Club. This was extremely fun for everyone. The children were great chippers and putters!
W/B 15.1.18
This week Year 4 have been continuing to explore electricity. They were given the task to make a light bulb light up with wires, a light bulb, crocodile clips and a battery. In doing so they learnt how to create a series circuit. The children are really looking forward to experimenting with different components and seeing the effect they have in the coming weeks! 
In history we have been looking at how electricity has impacted household appliances. The children have been making comparisons between computers and type writers, washing machines and wash boards and shears and lawnmowers. It has made us all realise, how important electricity is and made us wonder what we would do without it....
This week has been the launch of the topic 'The World in 2017'. In Year 4 we have looked at how reliant we are on electricity and the electrical devices we could not live with out! Children had no idea what they would do with out a washing machine or kettle! We also looked at what type of electrical energy different appliances produce, such as sound and light from a television. Next week, the children are very excited to build their own electrical circuits and discover the components they will need to make a light bulb work in a series circuit.
Year 4 Spring Term 1 2018 - The World in 2017