Year 2

Mrs Vicki Stavrou

Class Teacher

It's great to be back at St Newlyn East after completing my teacher training here! I've just returned after a year at Foxhole Learning Academy where I taught a mixed year 1/2 class. I'm very excited about working with year 2 as we have lots of exciting topics ahead. I love the excitement children bring to school with them everyday and I love how each day is different.

When I'm not at school I'm busy at home with my two young children! We love the outdoors and we always go camping every year to different places around the country.

Citizen of the week for this week ...
Finn always tries his very best and always works hard. He is always polite and kind.
Classroom Notes:
Children will bring home a RWI book they can read themselves on a Monday and Thursday. They can also choose a book from our library area to share with you at home.
Please ensure that your child brings their swimming kit with them. P.E. kits are still to be kept in school, labelled with your child's name.
Thank you.
Spring Term - Space!
This term our topic is Space and already the children have made an exciting discovery at their school - I.I.G.U. They have already begun to investigate and ask questions about why it's here and what is does!

Also during this topic, we will be learning about the different planets in our solar system as well as how to recognise constellations in the night sky. We will be finding out about the history of space travel and the first man on the moon – Neil Armstrong. The children will learn how we get night and day. By research, the children will find out what is happening in space now and what might happen in the future.

The children had a fantastic time at the Maritime Museum in Falmouth. They learnt all about Henry Trengrouse and his invention of the Breeches Bouy and they re-enacted a shipwreck rescue. They also got to make their very own boats.
Welcome to Year 2 Autumn Term 2 2018 
Voyage & Discovery - Explorers
During this terms topic we will be comparing and contrasting environments of Antarctica and other countries - finding out about their weather, climate and culture. We will be finding out about the explorer Robert Falcon Scott who travelled to Antarctica.