ICT intent

Computing is an ever growing, integral part of life for us all and will play an ever growing part in our children’s futures.  At St Newlyn East Learning Academy, we will provide our children with the skills, creativity, enthusiasm and the understanding of safety to live and thrive in a world increasingly dependent on computing.


Children will be aware of all the possible risks when using the internet, computers and electronic devices. They will understand the necessary precautions to take, to stay safe and know where to seek help.  No child will feel threatened or unsafe whilst using the Internet at school or at home. Children will also utilise the Internet efficiently to enhance their learning of all subjects. Parents and children will be given any information necessary to keep them safe online both inside school and at home.


Computing is taught at both Key Stages.  We use Switch on Computing to ensure the curriculum is delivered at a high standard and differentiated for all pupils.  The focus of the curriculum is: programming, computational thinking, creativity, computer networks, communication and collaboration, productivity and Online safety.