Miss Jessica Lobb

Class Teacher

I'm Jess Lobb, I'm the new Foundation teacher. I'm covering for Kim Price while she has her baby!
I've always been so passionate about the Early Years, every day is so different and you get to be so creative.
Music is a real passion of mine and I try to incorporate music and singing into every day, if not every lesson! Before I came to St Newlyn East I worked at Trenance so EYFS is something I've done for a while and I love it!

I've always lived in Cornwall so when I'm not at school I love taking long walks by the coast with my dog Wilbur. I also love competing in agility dog shows.

Mrs Sarah Boden

Teaching Assistant

Oxford Owl e-books online
Username - stnewlyneastf
Password - foundation
Week beginning 26th November:
What a week! 
The Owl Sanctuary came to visit this week! This has been a fantastic topic, absolutely packed with learning that the children have really retained. I personally have learnt so much from the children's excellent questioning and researching; for example, did you know that an Owl's eye colour tells us when it likes to hunt? Black eyes means it is nocturnal and hunts in the day, orange eyes mean they like to hunt at dawn or dusk and yellow eyes mean they hunt during the day! 
The Owl Sanctuary brought Wyley the Barn owl, Darling the Tawny owl and Sophira the Eagle owl. We were so sensible and quiet while we listened to the Paula tell us all about the owls. We even got to stoke them. Well done Foundation! A really special treat to end our learning in this topic. Fab!
Week beginning the 19th November!
Another fantastic week of learning.
This week we have had lots of visitors down in 'fab'dation class! Each and every one of our visitors has been absolutely astonished by the tricky work and excellent behaviour that they have witnessed!
We have learnt all of our Set 1 sounds! It was very exciting but also a bit sad that we've learnt them all as we love having a new sound to practise and persevere with. From now until Christmas we will be revisiting these and making sure we are absolutely secure with them.
In Maths this week we have been learning about 2D shape. The children have really flown with this. They are able to talk about sides and corners and describe shapes. Mrs Boden has been doing some pattern this week and the children have really enjoyed exploring this in lots of different ways.
We are getting really excited about the owls coming to visit and we have been learning about owls in full force. 
See you next week! Miss Lobb  
Week beginning 12th November:
So, this week's news!
We have now learnt 28 sounds! That's three digraphs or special friends and 25 sounds! This week we learnt: ch, z, th and qu. These were some tricky sounds; particularly ch. 
It's been a great week for writing! Some children have had a go at writing their first sentences this week. We've written lots of lists and words using our Fred Fingers! We love writing! Come and have a look at our Star Writers Board.
We have begun our Nativity. We now know the story quite well. We know our parts and we are learning the songs. We are all very excited!
In Maths we have been learning about money: 1ps. We have been making prices to buy toys at the shop and we have been adding two prices together in a number sentence and finding out how much money we will need to buy both items. We have also had a go at making some numberlines.
Another fab week, see you soon! 
Miss Lobb x
Week beginning 5th November:
We have been learning all about firework night this week! We have made firework pictures with chalk, pastels, glitter, coloured card, paint and with objects like beads and sticks. We have really challenged ourselves.
We have learnt some new sounds including j. We made jelly and wrote instructions for Mrs Bearne. We have also learnt w, y, j and v. 
In maths we have been learning to do addition stories in practical ways with objects. 
In PE this week we have continued our learning about Autumn and pretended to be Autumn leaves. We experimented with real Autumn leaves and watched them fall to the ground. We then rehearsed dances to music and performed them to the whole class. What a great week!