Miss Jessica Lobb

Class Teacher

I'm Jess Lobb, I'm the new Foundation teacher. I'm covering for Kim Price while she has her baby!
I've always been so passionate about the Early Years, every day is so different and you get to be so creative.
Music is a real passion of mine and I try to incorporate music and singing into every day, if not every lesson! Before I came to St Newlyn East I worked at Trenance so EYFS is something I've done for a while and I love it!

I've always lived in Cornwall so when I'm not at school I love taking long walks by the coast with my dog Wilbur. I also love competing in agility dog shows.

Mrs Sarah Boden

Teaching Assistant

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Username - stnewlyneastf
Password - foundation
Week beginning 28th January:
Well, this week I am writing about our exciting week from home due to the treacherous weather conditions outside. The snow yesterday was definitely the highlight of our week. It really couldn't have come at a better time than when we were learning about Wild and Wonderful Weather. Although it caused some chaos it was very exciting when it first started at around 2pm. We had an absolute blast playing in the snow. 
This week we have been learning about money. We can now count 2ps as well.
We have also been making wish flags. We have been thinking about the new year and talking about persevering in our learning. Every child has come up with something they would like to get better at and we have talked about how we are going to make this happen. Please talk to your child and ask them what they would like to improve on.
See you on Monday. Stay safe and keep warm!
Week beg 21st Jan:
Well, we've been very busy again in Foundation. We've been learning to 'take-away'! This has been very exciting. We have even learnt the new sign for taking away '-'. 
We have also been talking about how special we are as individuals. We have been talking about the fact that we are all different but equally special. All of the children have been able to tell me something that makes them special and unique and about something that they are good at. 
In our topic we have been learning about ice and about melting. The children were very excited to discover some ice balls with things trapped inside. We melted the ice using hot water and managed to rescue the people and animals. 
See you next week,
Week beginning the 14th January!
What a fab week!
In Maths we've been reminding ourselves about adding two numbers. We've been using dice to make a number sentence - we've even been writing the number sentences. We've also been attempting to estimate and talk about the answer. 
In RWI we've got a new plan! We're now in two groups - it's tricky but we're remembering to try our best and 'have a go'!
We've been focusing on wind this week in our topic work. We've measured the wind using ribbons on the trees. We've made kites. We've been testing what the wind can blow and what it cannot blow. 
Week Beginning 7th January!
Well it's so nice to see you all back at school. 
The children have settled back into our school routine really well and are enjoying getting back into learning. This term is hard for the children as Christmas was so exciting and we have so much to get done back at school.
Well done for your first week, Foundation! You are fantastic
This week in Maths we have been learning about 3D shapes. The children now know the names of some 3D shapes and are able to describe the shapes using: corners, edges, faces and whether or not the shape can roll.
Our new topic is Wild and Wonderful weather! So look out for lots of learning about different kinds of weather.