Miss Jessica Lobb

Class Teacher

I'm Jess Lobb, I'm the new Foundation teacher. I'm covering for Kim Price while she has her baby!
I've always been so passionate about the Early Years, every day is so different and you get to be so creative.
Music is a real passion of mine and I try to incorporate music and singing into every day, if not every lesson! Before I came to St Newlyn East I worked at Trenance so EYFS is something I've done for a while and I love it!

I've always lived in Cornwall so when I'm not at school I love taking long walks by the coast with my dog Wilbur. I also love competing in agility dog shows.

Mrs Sarah Boden

Teaching Assistant

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Password - foundation
Week beginning 15th October.
Another fab week! I really cannot believe we have done our first half term together! We are all pretty exhausted this week and some of us are a bit poorly so a half term break couldn't come at a better time. I cannot wait to see you all after your rest and hear about the adventures you have been on.
This week's sounds: u, b, f and e. This has included making bread and butter sandwiches, bouncing balls, making fans, exercising with sports equipment and loads of writing. This week we have had a real focus on writing as we have done our first independent WOW write! I was SO impressed by the children's independent work and resilience and skill they showed in this new challenge.
In Maths we have been really focusing on counting and rolling the dice and counting and matching spots. Some of the children have even been counting on from a known quantity.
I have found a great website with some ideas of things to do in the holidays. Check it out:
See you all really soon, have a lovely rest!
Miss Lobb 
Week beginning 8th October:
What an exciting week!
We went to the woods in TORRENTIAL rain! We had a great time! We explored the forest, spotting Autumnal things. We even saw a squirrel, it was so EXCITING. We got very VERY wet and had to come back a little early but that was okay as we had a carpet picnic.
In Maths we have been learning about positional language and both using objects and our own bodies to act out: under, next to, behind, in front, above and on. Lots of us are still finding in front and behind tricky - maybe something to continue to practise.
In Read, Write, Inc we have been learning the sounds g, o, c and k. K is particularly tricky to write but we have been showing excellent resilience when we have been practising. This week we have learnt about the Grufalo, make c-c-crowns, and painted with o-o-oxo cube paint (this was very smelly)!
We can now retell and act out the story of the Three Little Pigs!
What a busy week - only one more until half term!
Miss Lobb x
Week Beginning 1st October: 
Well week 5 is over! What a busy and exciting week we have had!
We have been very lucky this week because Mrs Price has come to visit us lots. She has had the pleasure of being very impressed by our learning and behaviour at school.
This week we have learnt the sounds t, i, n and p. We have been very busy immersing ourselves in these letters. We have built i-i-igloos with sugar cubes, played t-t-tennis, used chopsticks with nnnoodles, finger painted p's with p-p-purple p-p-paint. 
This week in Maths we have been learning about size. We have banned the words big and little because we decided they are boring. We have been describing things using words like enormous, massive, gigantic, large, teeny-weeny, tiny, middle-sized, medium, smaller than. Some of the children are even describing objects as bigger than a giraffe, smaller than a mouse. 
We have also been learning to tell the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. We have been acting it, retelling it and reading and watching different versions of the story. We have even been talking about the differences!
Can't wait for another week!
Week Beginning: 24th September
We've had another fab week in Foundation!
We've learnt four sounds now: m, a, s and d. Yesterday, we did some doodles with some special dice. We rolled the dice and copied the doodle pattern that was written on the dice.
We have had a real focus on Maths this week and matching numerals to quantities in lots of different ways. We have been really focusing on the numbers 0-5 this week. We are beginning to understand that there is a link between the number and how many things you need. We are talking a lot about more and less.
I can't wait for another week! 
Miss Lobb
Week beginning 17th September:
We’ve had another great week down in ‘fab’dation! Highlights have included chopping apples, decorating spotty snakes and scaring Mrs Boden by climbing to the very top of the climbing equipment! I am so pleased with how the children are settling in at school and really learning the routines and rising to the challenges of school! I am so looking forward to another fun-filled week of learning! 
See you on Monday, have a lovely weekend!
Week beg 10th September:
What a fantastic first week we've had! Loads of learning: all about school, making new friends and even our first sound!
We've done painting, drawing, building, climbing and got very sticky with marshmallows. We had our first PE session and got dressed all by ourselves. 
Miss Lobb feels like a very lucky teacher to have had such a fabulous first week at school. 
Now get lots of sleep before another week of fabulous learning!